Your Menu

Smart features make your menu a pleasure for customers to use.

pizzaco menu
  • Single Layer
    Your menu works as a single layer. There's no shuffling around between pages. Customers can see all your items in one view and move easily between items and sections.
  • Get the Word Out
    From specials to promotions to announcements - Menujax makes it easy to keep customers informed. Postings show up right on your menu.
  • Easy Access
    Menujax doesn't use passwords or accounts. Customers are on your menu as soon as they open it. They like that!
  • How Customers Really Order
    If you tell us how they like it, we'll make sure they can always get it that way. Your menu uses the real specifications customers rely on.
  • Convenient touch-to-call - phone customers can reach you with one press

Your Orders

Orders are received directly in your device's web browser. There is nothing else to manage or install.

  • Clear Orders
    Customers orders use straightforward terminology that's easy to work with. Any changes are also highlighted for maximum clarity.
  • Order Up!
    'How long?' is an important question customers ask. With Menujax you can adjust an excepted wait time. It shows up automatically on your customer's receipt.
  • Simple Receiving
    When your customers place an order the order arrives - simply. In normal operation Menujax is set-and-forget and easily joins your existing workflow.
  • Backup Plan
    If you don't notice, we'll let you know - quickly. Escalating levels of contact mean that no orders gets left behind.
  • Need to contact your customer? Their telephone
    number is right on top. Touch it and it expands to
    full screen for easy dialing.
your orders

Accepting Orders

Menujax orders arrive instantly onto your own tablet or computer.
There is no special hardware needed.


Customer Messaging

Setting customer messaging is as easy as entering what you want to say.

Getting Your Menu to Customers

A great features of Menujax is how easy it is to distribute your menu to your customers - just in the course of regular business and without a lot of effort. The key is that your own Menujax menu exists as an internet link. It looks something like this:
Your link can go anywhere you print, write or post it - both online and offline:

And many more

Opening your menu

Customers can open your menu from a posted link, as shown in some of the ways above. Other customers will choose to save your menu to their devices, either as a bookmark or to their device's desktop. You'll show up to them like this:
menujax icon app your menu as an icon
(smartphones & tablets)
menujax icon app your menu as a bookmark (laptop and desktop computers)
As soon as customers open your menu they are on your menu. There is nothing for them to download or install. Your menu also doesn't use passwords or accounts. Customers simply open it and use it.
Any changes you make to your menu will update to all your users instantly, no matter how they save or access your menu.

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