Customers think about their food each day.
Menujax gives them a better way to think of yours.

In a matter of days, Menujax turns your current menu into an online version that works on all the devices your customers use during a typical day.
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Customers can browse your items, place their food orders and check your news or special whenever and wherever it occurs to them. Menujax also makes it easier to keep your menu and spread it around to others. And it's always current, for everyone.

With Menujax your customers will:

Customers can use your menu from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. They can use the menu saved on their device or open your menu right from your own site. They can find or open your menu anywhere you have a profile: Yelp, Zagats, Facebook, Twitter and more. They can even place orders directly from emails you send or your posts to social media.

How it works

Menujax is straightforward to use, for both your customers and staff. Here's how it works:
If you have a computer or tablet and an internet connection in your restaurant, you have everything you need to start using Menujax.
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We turn your paper menu into an online menu

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your colors, look and branding
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"Why hasn't this existed before ?"
-our most frequent compliment
Better Reach
Your menu is easy for customers to get, keep and spread around - between their own devices and also to family, friends and coworkers.
Better Awareness
Menujax messaging gets your specials and ideas in front of customers quickly - right one the menu. it's marketing as flexible as your imagination.
Better Results
Menujax makes it so simple to build and place orders. It keeps you an easy choice for your customers and helps spur higher check averages and more frequent ordering.

Getting started is simple.
It takes only a few days to add
Menujax to your restaurant.

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